Friday, March 4, 2011

Still more SEAWEED

Sometime before next summer I'm going to modify the seaweed so that the engine sits in the canoe, with the leg sticking out a well in the back, and at the same time I will put a skeg near the back, and have a good size fin rudder behind the engine. This should help make it more controllable while sailing as well. When i built the canoe, my reasoning was that it being perfectly rectangular in section would give it all the tracking and leeway reducing properties it needed, and i figured that a long oar pivoting from the platform would be like a giant lever, and give sufficient steerage. The oar does work well for turning the boat quickly with a sweeping motion, but it just flexes and deflects, and losses its bite for actual steering. Its hard to get any work done on the boat right now though because its freezing all the time, the boat is at anchor, and we spend all our time on the other boat.

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