Wednesday, March 2, 2011

MORE seaweed

Heres a few shots in Heriot Bay, Quadra Island, from Andre. It looks fun, but that "wet" didn't go away. Also, whats known as the capacitor discharge ignition module on our outboard packed it in, so while we waited for parts we hitched rides on other boats up to "Surge Fest" in Surge Narrows on Read island.

Well worth it, we saw Old Mans Beard, from Salmon Arm, play as well as other local legends like Miss Emily. Fun was had and the most extravagant hippie potluck of my life.
It was my mission for the summer to get up into the Johnstone Straight, but we never made it any further north than here, I considered the summer a failure due to this, but at least I was able to get back Andres' pot lid I dropped overboard in the bay! A small success.

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