Friday, February 4, 2011

Catastrophes of 2010 / the little hyundai that could

The same day the G-Fab sank, I looked out the window and noticed that some punk spary painted F you on the trunk of the Hyundai. How did they know? I had put off dealing with the worn out wheel bearings from our road trip, and after unsinking boat i thought maybe i should take her in. The auto shop is just across the street from where we were living, thats it in the background there, VAP. I wasn't going very fast when the wheel came off, but it went down the hill, accelerated, and smashed into someones bumper pretty good. We wheeled her back into the yard and had a beer instead. It was morning. I just noticed Dans old truck is on the left there, which is a funny story also. A friend sold him a really nice Volvo, so he decided the truck had to go (it needed new brakes and a clutch). The battery was dead so we jumped it, but it died again in the alley, it was only after we jumped it a few more times and it dying that Dan noticed it was looking a little emptier under the hood. Dan to me, "didn't there used to be more stuff in here", i to him, "like where?", him to me "like right here", points at a spot, i to him, "like what?", him to me with disbelief, " like an alternator, they stole my fucking alternator, who the hell steals somebodies alternator, no wonder the battery keeps dying, i don't have a fucking alternator!". He was difficult to console, i offered him beer. Luckily the cop that pulled him over on his way to the crushers didn't write him a ticket for driving in the rain (it was pouring) without headlights on, she accepted his explanation that he was having the hideous little truck euthanized. Oh east Vancouver, if you ever have problems with your batteries start by checking for the presence of your alternator.
To finish the story, I spent 200 bucks for a new wheel assembly, only to get a letter from Victoria that the hyundais import inspection was void because the little chop shop in richmond got caught doing illegal inspections or something (i wouldnt know anything about it, i found their service excellent!), and i needed to have it reinspected. So the little Hyundai from Ontario that we inherited from the German couch surfers got taken to the crushers too. sad. they gave me 80 dollars and let me keep the battery. that was a good little car, it drove from vancouver to sacramento on one tank of gas.

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