Friday, February 4, 2011

Catastrophes of 2010 / Evicted

Thats right, we got thrown out too. Long live Shawnee and Mona, now being someone elses awesome roomates. Commercial drive and 5th avenue will always be the center of my universe. Ive seen the great beyond, its across that little chain link fence in the alley everyone walks down, where friends drop by, sometimes theres a fire in the backyard, always theres a beer in the fridge. Fields of kale and the sweet smell of marijuana from pretty well everywhere. The ethiopians argue in amharic until 5 in the morning, and on wellywednsdays the sirens never stop. its 13 steps to the video rental, we counted, we can watch Jaws any day of the week. when it rains, and it does rain, we go out in the rain, because we never have to go very far. I miss you guys, its been like 4 years Trawn. 167o Rest in Peace.

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